Our services in detail

We're a competent master company and we offer an extensive range of services. Our qualified team will support you in implementing your wishes and accompany you during the planning phase of your projects.

Our areas of expertise are technical CNC turning and milling parts, injection mold, and high-gloss polishing up to galvanic finishing.

We offer perfect surface finish for the furniture industry, the yacht building and refit, aircraft construction and for construction projects.

We are service and customer-oriented, so we continuously provide advice and assistance.

Everything from one source, planning, manufacturing, consulting, application analysis, CNC - milling and turning, plastic mold and special surfaces.


Surface treatment

Perfect surfaces not only for new constructions, also restorations and modernization.
Which polishing agent and how many operations have to be selected for editing an object, depends on the hardness of the surface and the surface conditions of the base material and the shape of the object to be processed.

A distinction is made between the following work processes:

  • Coarse sanding
  • Polishing
  • Brushing
  • Prepolishing
  • High gloss polishing

For decorations and ornaments, we offer Sandblasting with corundum or glass beads.




Surface Coating

With our galvanic coating system we can make stationary and mobile coatings of all conductive surfaces, also for chromed plastics.
Here you will find a selection of various surface coatings, which we offer:

  • 24 Carat gold
  • Rose gold
  • Champagner (Newcommer)
  • White gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Chrome
  • Black chrome
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Bright Nickel
  • Rhodium
  • Cobalt
  • Brass vintage
  • Bronze vintage

We are capable to coat every imaginable conductive object with the above metals, completely independent of size, even when they installed.
You can find pictures of the different surfaces below.


IMG 20170131 WA0008



Turned parts

Another competency of our company is the turning shop. With modern CNC Lathe machines we can precisely edit turned parts. As single item or as a small series we lathe your lathe parts with the highest quality and short delivery time.

Is it machinability, we lathe it for you, whether it is steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, steel castings or other nonferrous metals.

drehteile dreherei drehbank



Milled parts

We edit simple or complex milled parts for you on our modern CNC - milling machines by trained personnel. Also, here it is valid, what is machinable, we can mill for you.
Through flexible machining centers, we can work quickly and very cost-effective for you.


freasteile fraesen



Mould construction

The quality of a plastic component / -product depends highly on the quality of the mold. The long-term experience of our employees in mold ensure short lead times at the highest quality.





 Small series

With our experience, we manufacture for your small series precisely and strictly according to your specifications.
We have the knowledge and the opportunities, and you the order.





Welding jobs

We are happy to take your welding jobs for you. Our specialties include the laser and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding of aluminum, stainless steel and steel.


schweissen wig laser


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