Varelmann & Varelmann GmbH

Reference Project 1

Quote from Jörg Michaelis Project 1 Motorsport GmbH:

The Varelmann & Varelmann team, precise, clean,
fast and inspiring.

With all attributes they are part of the world championship team Project 1.

Varelmann & Varelmann GmbH
Varelmann & Varelmann GmbH

Referenz Skate Aid

Quote from Titus Dittmann:

From Buggybrothers to Goldfathers

Varelmann & Varelmann GmbH

One team.
One philosophy.

Stefan and Ulrich Varelmann - two brothers from Dinklage who give international yacht building a little more glamor.

What drives us:

It is always nice to see how the best works of artisans from all over the world are brought together and a masterpiece is created, a mega yacht. To be or become a part of it makes us proud. To dare to do something, to meet the diversity of our customers' wishes and to inspire with our works, to always be the best, that is what drives us.